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Alamat: 2/3 Jalan Gereja, Auburn SA 5451

The opening of One Tree B and B represents a dream come true.. a dream that started in 2008, when we ourselves had a weekend getaway in the Clare Valley. We fell in love with the sweeping hills, the vines and natural landscapes, as well as the relaxing atmosphere that engulfed us and has not let go since.

Finding the right place took some time to find, with a few false starts, but we got there in the end. We wanted nature, good location, opportunity to not impact the environment and the opportunity for quiet relaxation.. all this has culminated in One Tree B and B.

We started with what is now called One Tree BnB: The Suite and added our second BnB, also in Auburn, One Tree BnB: The Retreat in 2015.

We lead a lifestyle that complements Earth's natural way; we eat predominately organic or farmed chemical free food, use rain water and try to use sustainable methods for living, including solar power. We love gardening and have set up an vegetable and herb garden and heritage fruit tree orchard on both of the properties. We have two chickens too! (at The Suite- Black Beauty and Sophie Ruffles) - very spoiled they are too!

We also want you to know your accommodation has been thoroughly and fastidiously cleaned with only natural cleaners and cloths, paying attention to every small detail. Wherever possible no chemicals have been used. If a chemical is absolutely required, plant based, eco-friendly options have been used.

We look forward to welcoming you to the experience that is One Tree!

Directions to One Tree B & B: Auburn

One Tree is located 1 1/2 hrs drive from Adelaide.