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Conditions of Use

Damages <br /><br />You and your guests are liable for and indemnify Barefoot Springs against all loss or damage incurred or suffered directly or indirectly in connection with the use of our property by you or any of your guests. <br />Rooms are not to be left in an unreasonable condition. <br />“Property” means the property known as Barefoot Springs located at 155 Carrington Road, Beaumont, NSW, Australia and all of our other real or personal property located within or on the property. <br />We reserve the right to charge your credit card with the costs of any damage incurred, however caused, or cleaning required beyond the normal level of a reasonable guest. <br />Outside visitors <br /><br />Limited numbers of outside visitors are welcome at Barefoot Springs, for a few hours, if guests wish to invite them during their stay. Please seek permission from management before extending any invitations to visit. Outside visitors are not allowed to stay at Barefoot Springs beyond 8:00pm. <br />Smoking <br />Smoking indoors or around food areas is strictly prohibited. Smoking is only permitted in outside areas where ashtrays are provided. Cigarette butts are to be carefully extinguished and disposed of in ashtrays or other suitable bins provided. Guests found to be violating this policy may be requested to leave immediately with no refund of any unused period of their reservation. An extra charge will be levied to cover laundering and special cleaning of curtains, carpets/rugs, upholstery etc. if smoking indoors has occurred. <br />Third party services <br /><br />If guests organise for a third party organisation to come and provide them with a service on-site (e.g. massage, hairdresser etc), please contact management so we can check that the service provider has suitable public liability insurance cover. <br />Functions / parties <br /><br />Guests must obtain prior permission from management if they plan to hold a party or function. <br />Pets <br /><br />Pets are only allowed on the property with prior permission from management, and incur a separate charge per day. Owners/carers must keep dogs on a leash and under control at all times and are responsible for any damage they may cause. Dogs must be wormed and vaccinations must be current. Pets are not permitted on the beds or other furniture in the rooms. <br />