Conditions of Use

NO SMOKING inside lodge. There's a covered smoking area on the verandah. Breakfast for guests is provided daily on self serve/self prepare basis. Specific breakfast items/foods are listed above. All other meals are self catered. We're PET FRIENDLY - dogs are welcome to stay, enjoy the grounds off leash, holiday with you. Dogs arn't permitted to sleep inside the house. Dogs must sleep in comfy kennel(s) on verandah. Kennels are size of small laundry & heated for happy dogs in winter. Recommend you bring bedding for your dog. Dogs not permitted inside the house/lodge or guest bedrooms anytime. There is a fully fenced DAY USE dog yard available if you want to go off-site exploring Bilpin without your dog. Owners are responsible for their dog(s) behaviour at all times. If your dog is disturbing other guests, farm animals or neighbours then owners must control their dog. Dogs must not be left constantly barking. Owners who do not control their dog(s) or do not comply with the above rules will be required to depart the lodge. No refunds will be given. Following are NOT PERMITTED at Bilpin Country Lodge. Weddings, bucks nights/boys weekends, hens nights/weekends or noisy LATE NIGHT or ALL NIGHT parties and/or LOUD OUTDOOR MUSIC or AMPLIFIED MUSIC anytime are not permitted. All guests must be considerate of other guests & lodge neighbours at all times. Anti-social &/or uncontrolled drunken behaviour of any kind is not permitted. Specifically if you or your children are asked to quieten then YOU MUST quieten down. If you are asked to control your children or family members or guests or dog, then you MUST comply. If you breach these rules and/or won't comply with reasonable requests from management, you may be asked/required to depart the property. No refunds will be given. Children must be supervised at all times. Safety of children is parents responsibility at all times. Any items of lodge property under your control that are damaged, lost or stolen during your stay must be paid for in full.