Conditions of Use

No smoking
No pets
SIZE OF PARTY The number of guests occupying the property for the holiday must not exceed the number specified on the online Booking Form. If for any reason there is a change to the number of guests occupying the property, please advise Yve Stocks, the owner of Accommodation Warwick Qld, immediately on 0417 620 648. Maximum number must not exceed bed capacity numbers. The property must be occupied by the person nominated in the booking form. If for any reason, the person occupying the property is to be different to the person booking the property, the owner must be notified by email nominating the occupier and written owner approval must be received by the occupier for such usage. If the person booking or as nominated is not the occupier, then the owner reserves the right to cancel the booking and the non-conforming guests may be required to vacate the property immediately without refund.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE PARTIES ALLOWED IN THE HOUSE. Please note that due to regulations, this property is available for accommodation purposes only, and any other use constitutes a breach in our contract with guests. The property manager has been instructed to close down any large unauthorized gathering of people at the property, and guests may be required to vacate immediately.

GUEST RESPONSIBILITY Guests are expected to look after and take all reasonable care of the property and all the furnishings and equipment included in the property and to observe the “No Smoking Inside” requirement for the duration of the holiday. Any faults, damages or breakages must be reported to Accommodation Warwick Qld as soon as possible. Guests (You) are liable for any and all damage to the property or loss of, and any damage to, the contents of the property during Your holiday occupation. At the end of the holiday rental, You must pay to the owner, upon demand, the repair or replacement cost (as reasonably determined by the owner) for any and all damage to the property or loss of, and any damage to, the contents of the property.