Conditions of Use

1. Payment of the Wagait Beach Holiday Houses (WBHH) accommodation rental constitutes our guests acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (set out below).2. The operator will make every effort to ensure the property is available as booked. However, the operator reserves the right to make alterations to bookings due to unforeseen or exceptional circumstances such as an impending cyclonic weather conditions or power outages. Guests are also advised to take out comprehensive travel insurance to cater for such circumstances.3. To secure your holiday booking, please click on the ‘Check Availability’ button on the website which will take you directly to the live availability page and the encrypted payment portal. Please note that there is a strict maximum limit of 6 people per house and so more than one house (subject to availability) will need to be booked if more than 6 people intend staying.4. One set of front door keys will be made available upon arrival.  Please let the WBHH Manager know by email your intended arrival time and all guest names in advance so that they can be met by the Manager on arrival. Upon departure the keys are to be returned and left on the inside dining room table at the respective premises. The front door is to be locked.5. All premises are to be left in a satisfactory and tidy state, including all floors swept, garbage wrapped and emptied into outside garbage bins, dish washing done and put-away in cupboards, refrigerator, oven and microwave emptied of food and cleaned. The BBQ is to be properly cleaned on departure, otherwise a $50 cleaning fee will apply. Bed linen are to be left on the beds after use and used towels placed in the bathroom. Please be aware that we are on tank water and so please do not leave taps running for extended periods.6. We do want you to enjoy your stay, however potential disturbances to the enjoyment or threatening behaviour to, our guests staying at our other houses, to WBHH management or to nearby residents; for example, excessive noise, fighting or loud swearing is strictly prohibited.  Similarly, our houses are definitely not to be used as "party houses", for accommodating non-paying "sleepovers" or as a central facility hub (eg. cooking, washing, toilet and shower used by non-guests) for groups of non-guests who are accommodating elsewhere. These are significant breaches of our terms and conditions and most likely will result in early termination of rental with no refund and/or forfeiture of bond.7. Please note that we encourage visiting wildlife, so pets are not permitted.8. Due to health requirements all guests are required to use our clean sheets. House towels, pillows and pillow cases that are supplied (there is also additional spare pillows on request). House towels are not to be used outside or at the beach and guests are required to bring their own beach towels.9. It is also a health requirement that fish gutting, scaling and filleting are not to be carried out at our properties. There is a wheelie-bin provided at the adjacent beach access boat ramp for this purpose. Boats are to be clean and free of bait and fish carcasses, food scraps, etc while on each property (as this encourages dingoes/dogs and vermin). However boats may be briefly washed down prior to departure (sparingly as tank water) only in the designated area and only after being sea-water cleaned at the beach.10. Smoking is not permitted inside the houses (smoke alarms are fitted) however ashtrays have been made available for use on the balcony area and under the house. All extinguished cigarette butts and bottle tops must be disposed of in the bins provided and not thrown over the balcony or discarded under the house. Air conditioners are to be turned off when guests are not present at the house for several hours. Insect repellent is provided on verandah and a thermocell insect repellent is available on request. However use of mosquito coils is strictly prohibited and any burn marks (from coils, cigarette butts or other) will result in forfeiture of full bond. Outside fires and "fire-pits" are strictly prohibited on the premises and will result in bond forfeiture.11. Any damage, breakage, theft or loss of furniture, furnishings, equipment, locks, keys, hired fishing rods or any other provisions are to be reported immediately to the WBHH Manager and the cost of replacement may be deducted from the security bond, other than for acceptable wear and tear damage. An inventory check has (and will) be done both before and after your occupation, so please ensure this has been checked on entry and any discrepancies reported immediately.12. A security deposit (Total AUD$200), is also required to be made at the time of booking and is required to cover any costs incurred as a result of breach of these Terms and Conditions including any breakage, damage or ‘excessive’ cleaning requirements, which occur due to the client occupying the premises. Not withstanding this, it is anticipated that a full refund of the security bond will be made and within 7 days via direct deposit to the client’s bank account after inspection of the premises when the client leaves and provided there is no breach of these terms and conditions.13. The number of guests staying at each property is not to exceed the number stated on the Booking Confirmation. However additional late booked guests (subject to 6 person per house limit) advised to WBHH by email or phone before 9am on day of arrival may be booked at a cost of $50/night/person (for a minimum of 2 nights). Later advised or on-arrival/after-arrival guests not previously advised to WBHH may be checked-in at $60/night/person (for a minimum of 2 nights and subject to 6 person per house limit) and standard check-in may be delayed by one hour to allow time for late bedroom preparation.14. On-property camping, caravaning or under-house/outside "swagging" of extra non-paying people is not permitted and failure to comply is a significant breach of our terms and conditions and will most likely result in early termination of rental with no refund and/or forfeiture of bond.  All paying guests are expected to use our provided bedding facilities.15. The operator takes no responsibility for the guests’ personal property left on the premises, but if found after departure, the manager will endeavour to contact guest to make arrangements for their return.16. Check-in time is 2pm and checkout time is 10am. As we may have further guests arriving at 2pm on your departure day and the premises will need to be re-cleaned and new bedding made by WBHH, our guests are required to vacate the property by the 10am checkout time unless negotiated with the Manager of WBHH. Without prior agreement, an additional late departure fee of $70/hr (after 10am) will apply.17. We are not able to provide check-in between 11pm and 7am unless under exceptional circumstances, such as vehicle breakdown on route. Please also note that late evening arrivals after 9pm will incur a $50 late
arrival fee. For OH&S purposes, we need to check-in our guests and will not make keys available for self check-in.18. Our holiday houses are rented only for use by our paying guests and their "non-sleepover" day visitors. They are not available for the purposes of staging events, functions or business seminars, etc. Failure to comply is a breach of this contract and will result in guests being asked to vacate the house(s) immediately.19. Furniture, fixtures and fittings are definitely not to be altered or moved as the floors are polished vinyl or timber and no eskies are permitted inside the houses (eskies on verandahs are ok). The BBQ must remain on the paved area under the house.20. The guest making the booking must be 18 years or over and agree to take full responsibility for the temporary rental of the relevant property during their stay.21 While gift bookingsare acceptable and even encouraged, we ask to be advised at the time of booking (under 'special requests' on payment page).However, - Non-agreed commercial ON-SELLING of direct WBHH bookings by person(s) making the direct booking to a third party is strictly prohibited and is a major breach of our conditions of use. Subsequent entry refusal to the indirect third party can be anticipated - with no refund and full bond forfeiture.Any further questions please email us at .We sincerely wish you a relaxing and enjoyable stay.